Michael lights up South African girl, uses her money to spoil his new flame

First scammed by your friend, then determine that with that money he also treats his new flame on a trip to Paris: it happened to the South African dentist Angel Exford after a night out in London. The young lady, however, got her deserved revenge, thanks to her helpful friends and the police.

Angel had been together with Michael Fehsenfeld for less than two months when it went wrong. During a dinner with friends, he claimed that he had lost his wallet. If she helped him out of the emergency for a moment, he would be able to return her money later. In reality, however, it was him to do her bank card data.

“That night I paid for everything at the disco: our access, the drinks and the food”, says Angel. “The bill ran to over 90 euros. I entrusted my card to him, but he later gave it back. Everything in order, I thought. In his own words he was director at a company, what would interest him my change?”

“Too proud”
Angel would never see those pennies again. “When I mentioned the theme, he ignored me. That was enough reason for me to break the relationship. Making a quarrel about a few dozen euros with someone who clearly does not respect me? I am too proud of that.”

The next day she read on his Snapchat profile that he and his “best friend” went on a weekend of wellness. “Then I understood that he is a playboy and that he had just used me. Naive chicken, I was really angry with myself. But on the other hand, I was also relieved that I was away from it. He also blocked me on all social media.”

©Facebook-Michael wanted to go on holiday with this woman.

“My blood boiled”
A month later, hundreds of euros suddenly disappeared from her account. A trip to Paris, flowers, a subscription to Sky TV, parking fines, … The money flew past windows and doors outside. “The work of an unknown fraudster, I thought. I had my card blocked and informed a friend. She noted on the excerpt that there was also a reference number in addition to the EasyJet flight. And yes: when we looked it up, we found the name of Michael and his girlfriend. So, he wanted to go to Paris with his girlfriend at my expense. And the flowers? They were sent to her work as a surprise. Such a gut, you cannot imagine that?”

©Rv-Michael’s new girlfriend put a picture of the flowers on social media.

“My blood was boiling. I wondered what I had done to be treated like this. Everything turned out to be just set up game. Of course, he should have won my trust first. I have to admit that he did that very convincingly, he deserves applause for that.”

“My girlfriends were even more radiant than I was. We formed a chat group under the name #Fraudbae and came up with a plan to pay it.”

©Rv-Agents picked Michael and his new girlfriend from the line.

“Too humiliated”
Because the girls also discovered the exact departure time of the lovebirds, the tactic was quickly determined. “We have notified the police, have been taken to the airport and agents have arrested him. I doubted whether I would nail it on Twitter with name, because I do not like to buy it here either. But he humbled me too much, and that while I have always been kind to him. I will not let you walk over me anymore, it has been enough. And of course, he cannot get the chance to make more victims.”

© Twitter-Angel Exford.

“What annoys me the most: he knows my situation. He knows that I do not have a direct family in the United Kingdom. I am all alone and financially support people I know in South Africa. Apparently, that made me the perfect victim, but what is he? A heartless withers, if you ask me.”

Fehsenseld also bought likes for his Instagram account with her money. The total damage amounted to 1,375 euros. In the court the man admitted his debt, he was sentenced to a conditional prison sentence of six months and 150 hours of community service. Although he still sees the humour of it, as shown by the following tweet and rapvideo. “I see all the shit that is happening, it is what it is. Fraudbae… Yes, it will,” it sounds.

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