Misogyny: Saudi man tear up a woman’s portrait on a billboard

What dark forces could push a Saudi to climb a billboard erected at a nerve centre of Jizan, the flagship city of the governorate of the same Jizan, to rush to tear the portrait of a woman whose face held at the top of billboard?

It seems that only a furious misogyny, exacerbated by a retrograde perception of the woman, this “temptress-born”, is able to lead a subject of the Wahhabi monarchy to such ends, at the risk of sadly performing and to fall under the law.

The vivid images of his sensational outburst shocked the majority of his fellow citizens who watched them, raising widespread indignation on Twitter, with rare exceptions. It must be said that in Saudi Arabia, which recently put an end to the archaic prohibition of women from driving, the snapping up of a female face exposing herself to the eyes of all is the worst effect…

No honorary distinction will be awarded to this man blinded by his obscurantist vision of women and, instead, the police force of Jizan handcuffed him, after having actively sought. An investigation is underway to clarify his true motives.

But for Saudi twitters, outraged by such behaviour, no need to be a sleuth to consider that they are crystal clear. Many of them call on the local authorities to set an example, severely punishing their unanimously unspeakable act.

Two eloquent tweets:

“Really, we must punish him and prevent him from starting again and making emulators. This is the only solution to such behaviour.”

“What about the women he sees on the street, in hospitals, shops, on mobile phones and on the Internet? How does this maniac tear her face?”

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