Missing man is in a car all week driving down the abyss

A man who had been missing for a week was found alive in the American state of Missouri. Software developer Ryan Linneman (37) had driven his car into an abyss seven days earlier. He is married and has three children.

The incident took place at Lee’s Summit, on Highway Interstate 470 near View High Drive. Wednesday, October 9, Linneman left the road for an unclear reason, after which he collided with a traffic sign with his car and ended up in a 25-meter deep abyss.

The 2004 Honda Accord was in a trench, so it was not visible from the motorway. When the man was reported missing, a first search by the police was unsuccessful. The police called in the help of the citizens. In the end, it was a motocrosser who found the battered car the before last, after which Linneman was taken to the hospital.

His condition was critical. His sister-in-law said on Facebook on Wednesday that he “is struggling with multiple medical issues” and that “the doctors need some time to investigate and determine the severity of his injuries.” Yesterday the police could not give an update about his condition.

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