Mistakes men make when they want to kiss a woman

We’ve all known that men have a great time with women. They feel a good connection with them… But for some reason that escapes from some men, the meeting ended in blood sausage, without kissing her.

Know this, your attitude when you decide to attempt to kiss a girl says more about you than anything you may have said during the date! Because certain personality traits will come out when you go to try and kiss her.

Here is a small sample of what a woman can learn about you at this time:

  • Are you the dominant leader type?
  • Are you rather shy and uncomfortable?
  • Do you have experience?
  • What is your level of social intelligence?
  • Do you really understand women?
  • Are you afraid of women?
  • And unfortunately, most guys miss this crucial moment entirely, making a bunch of mistakes.

So, without further ado, and to avoid making these missteps in the future, here are the some biggest mistakes men make when they want to kiss a woman for the first time.

Attempting to kiss her too soon

Even though I always say that it’s better to try to kiss a woman too soon than too late (you will lose the respect of the girl if you hang around), being impatient can often lead you right into the wall! A woman usually has a pretty good idea of how much time she should spend with a guy before kissing him. And even if she really wants to kiss this man quickly, she will resist his desire just because she feels that it is too early compared to the “reference time” that she has given herself!

A woman sets these minimum deadlines to avoid coming across as an easy girl in the eyes of the guy who flirts with her, her friends… and herself! So, even if you feel an overwhelming desire to kiss her… You need to pay attention to her emotional state and how comfortable she is with you before taking the plunge.

To withdraw into oneself after a first rejection

As I just mentioned, a woman will often refrain from kissing a man, even if she wants to… Because she tells herself that it is too early. …And often, she will turn her head or push the guy who tries to kiss her too soon. At this point, most guys are retreating like kids! They take the rejection so badly that they spend the rest of the evening rehashing the “rake” and do not try anything with this girl …

Which has the gift of disappointing the girl, who often only waits for a second attempt from you … But a little later. In addition, you seem like a guy who has no confidence and who can not manage the slightest obstacle.

If you feel a real connection with a woman, and she is sending you positive signals … Don’t let a gentle rejection keep you from trying to kiss her again. The simple fact of retrying after a rejection sends back to a woman the image of a confident, dominant guy… And different from all the other guys who tend to crawl with their tail down after a disappointment.

Don’t touch a girl before kissing her

A woman usually needs a little anticipation and sexual tension before the first kiss. You have to slowly raise the temperature with more and more intimate touches. This is called sensory escalation. However, most men forget this step. And a woman can refuse to kiss a man just because he went overboard and didn’t bother to do it right.

The best way to turn up the tension while waiting to kiss her is to gradually touch her more and more. Brush her elbows while you talk to her, put your hand on her back when you get closer or hold her hand as you lead her to another room. Once you feel that a woman is 100% comfortable with your touch… you can be pretty sure that she is ready to be kissed.

Ask her if you can kiss her

It’s a fact, far too many men feel the need to ask a girl for permission before kissing her! Usually, these men wait until a totally inappropriate time to tell a woman that they are “very keen on kissing”. This is NOT at all what a woman expects.

Of course, she wants to feel the tension rising… But not with words. She wants to see the first kiss come because you started to touch her, to look her a little more insistently in the eyes, or because you slowed down your speaking. When you ask a woman for her permission to kiss her, you are giving her full power. But a woman is looking for the opposite: a man who takes the lead and keeps the power in the relationship!

Miss the right moment

Another common mistake that men make is chatting endlessly until they miss the right time. This is a mistake often made by timid or insecure men who think it is “wrong” to kiss a woman. These men find it hard to imagine that the girl opposite expects the same thing: to move on to more physical things!

In this case, the man is always looking for more proof that the girl wants to be kissed. Until he finally misses the opportunity and the woman goes home! When you flirt with a girl, there comes a time when you and the girl feel like it’s time to kiss. Your gut will tell you when the time is right.

When that moment looms, kiss her. If you miss the boat, the girl will perceive you as a guy who lacks social intelligence and psychological finesse… And her attraction to you will quickly evaporate.

Wait for the Perfect Moment

Another variation is to wait for the “perfect moment”. Men who make this mistake are less shy than those who miss the right time. But they’ve been lobotomized by romantic comedies and feel like there’s a great time and place for the first kiss.

They often have the impression that they cannot “conclude” in a bar, in public, in their car… They usually wait until the very end of the evening. Yet, there is no such thing as a “perfect” time to kiss a girl. Moreover, the more spontaneous the first kiss, the more the girl will see you as a fun, adventurous, unpredictable guy.

Taking a girl’s “kindness” for sexual interest

No man is immune from this error. We all spent time with a girl who was super friendly to us. And in our quest for lovemaking, we convinced ourselves that she was under our spell! Yet this girl hadn’t sent us any sign of attraction (like touching us, looking us in the eyes, being nervous in front of us, or giving us some subtle hints of her wanting to be with us)

We just told each other to ourselves “that she wouldn’t be so nice to us if she wasn’t interested.” However, this girl, we did not interest her! In fact, when a woman is too nice and polite, and not at all stressed in front of you… she probably doesn’t see you as a sexed guy. (And so you don’t have a chance to date her).

Now that you know all of these, it’s up to you!

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