MMA fighters beat a young man (21) to death

Italy is shocked by a deadly brawl near Rome. Willy Duarte (21), a young man who wanted to mediate in an argument, was kicked and beaten by four attackers until he was dead. Two of the four perpetrators are MMA fighters, according to Italian media. “Everyone knew them. They already beat up several people.”

Willy Duarte (21), of Cape Verde origin but born and raised in Italy, first worked as an assistant cook in a hotel on Saturday. Then the young man went with friends to a club in Colleferro, about fifty kilometers from the capital.

At around three in the morning, a friend of Duarte’s got involved in a brawl. The young man wanted to intercede but was attacked by the MMA fighters. He paid for that with his life.

Willy (21) wanted to mediate when one of his friends got into a fight, but paid for it with his life
Willy (21) wanted to mediate when one of his friends got into a fight, but paid for it with his life

Four men beat and kicked him until he lay dead on the ground. He was taken to the hospital, but help was of no avail. The four suspected perpetrators were later arrested. After the deadly brawl, they sat quietly drinking a beer somewhere.


Two of them, the brothers Marco (26) and Gabriele (24) Bianchi, are active as MMA fighters, according to Italian media. A multitude of techniques from numerous martial arts is allowed in that sport, including kicking and hitting. The two other suspects, Francesco B. (23) and Marco P. (22), minimize their part in the fight. The police investigation is still ongoing.

The four are currently in prison. They are charged with manslaughter. The police are also investigating whether racism played a role in the death of the twenties.

“Everyone knew them”

In Artena, where the Bianchi brothers come from, they have a terrible reputation. The brothers, who love to show off their bodies and tattoos, have a long history of fights, assault, threats, drug trafficking, and glorification of violence. “Everyone knew them,” it sounds. “They have already beaten several people in recent years.”

Many people in Italy are shocked by the deadly incident. When the suspects were taken to prison, dozens of people stood ready to abuse them in the street. They are also attacked on social media.

MMA fighters beat a young man (21) to death
The two MMA fighters

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