“Money impresses lazy girls” – Yemi advice ladies that love rich men

Nigeria’s famous female singer, Yemi Alade, has pieces of advice for ladies that love rich men. The owner of the renowned hit tube “Johny” explained that money only attracts “lazy girls” but not for hard-working ladies.

According to Yemi Alade’s publication, she stressed that “Money only impresses lazy girls”. The singer believes that “when a woman works hard, a man with money is just a bonus and not a goal. She stated it clearly that: “I like to remind women that they must be strong because nothing will be given to us(women, e.d)”.

Yemi insisted that “It will have to be taken by our(referring to females e.d.) skills at work because there are many inequalities and it is, unfortunately, women who are the victims: it is useless to cry about our fate.” But the famous singer has words for the opposite sex but indifferent channel; through her songs. “And as for men, I remind them through my music, that to show character is first of all to show one’s strength of soul: it is neither through violence nor through useless demonstrations of force.”

“Money impresses lazy girls” – Yemi advice ladies that love rich men

“The inner strength that we all have is undoubtedly the greatest of all our powers, and we must make sure that it shines at all times,” Yemi Alade reveals.

Yemi Eberechi Alade, her real name, is a writer, composer, and Afropop singer. Her notoriety took on continental importance with her single track ‘Johny’ released in 2013.

“Money impresses lazy girls” – Yemi advice ladies that love rich men
Yemi Alade

Yemi Alade is one of the few singers to emerge in the Africa continent right now and to walk in the footsteps of her model, Miriam Makeba, who bears “Mama Africa” status. She is also called “the Yoruba-Igbo Girl” because of her dual ethnic background.

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