Money ritual: Man sentenced to life for the murder of a girl

Man has been sentenced to life imprisonment in Benin for the murder of a girl. He wanted to use the girl for money ritual and prosper his business.

The main accused told the details of this ritual crime in court. He wanted to extract organs from the little girl’s body to make it gray-gray, lucky, at the request of a client (his co-accused) who tried to make his business prosper.

In the absence of an initially targeted prostitute, the young charlatan decided to attack the 7-year-old girl, the child of his neighbor. The main accused and his alleged accomplice were tried on Monday in the Cotonou court.

The first was sentenced to life imprisonment, and the second acquitted to the benefit of the doubt. The latter denied any involvement in the assassination. The two young people under the age of 30 were arrested four months ago.

The prosecutor appealed the acquittal of the co-accused. Both parents of the victim watched the trial from start to finish with great emotion. The affair sparked a stir in Benin last February.

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