Money saving tips: 5 tips to save on your fixed costs in 2022

Say for yourself: what better way to start 2022 than by saving on your fixed costs? The start of a new year is traditionally the ideal time to review your standing orders and subscriptions. Are there cheaper insurers? What about your telecom subscription? And did you know that you can also save a lot on your health insurance fund?

Save on your telecom subscription

The corona crisis caused a shift in our data consumption. A solid WiFi network is crucial for smooth teleworking and streaming series. You may also want enough mobile data to be accessible anytime and anywhere on the road. On the other hand, figures show that we are calling less and less. Your changing telecom needs may mean that your subscription is no longer tailored to your needs. Do you use all the services included in your package? Or do you need more mobile data or more calling minutes? Compare the different telecom subscriptions and check whether your rate is the cheapest.

Save on your current account

Since January 1, the use of many current accounts has again become more expensive. Although more expensive current accounts are an annual phenomenon, it is striking that most price increases this year are situated in the fixed costs and therefore not in the field of manual, offline transactions. So the key is to compare. By switching, you can save a handful of cash, depending on your bank, either per month or on an annual basis. Some banks also offer a free current account, although there are conditions attached to this. Compare the rates and services of the different current accounts.

Save on your health insurance fund

Each health insurance fund offers you the same statutory health and disability insurance. Although there are price differences, 72% of people have never changed their health insurance fund. However, there is an annual price difference between the cheapest and most expensive health insurance funds. With supplementary insurance, the difference can be even higher. Switching is easy and free. You only need to inform your new health insurance fund. They will take the necessary steps to take over your file.

Save on your car insurance

Nevertheless, it is advisable to check your policy on a regular basis. A full omnium is especially recommended for cars up to 4 to 5 years old. Then your vehicle is worth the most. Is your car more than 10 years old? In that case, BA insurance is sufficient. This way you save tens to hundreds of euros every year.

Save on your credit card

Anyone who compares the costs of his or her credit card annually can easily save money. And that’s just the beginning. With credit cards, the terms ‘gold’, ‘platinum’ and ‘silver’ are just around the corner. Keep in mind that with a classic credit card, you usually have enough. This way, you save up to $250 extra every year. Another tip: avoid cash withdrawals with your credit card. Banks charge per transaction. Compare the costs and promotions of the different credit cards and which option is the cheapest for you.

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