What to keep in mind when taking out car insurance

What should you pay attention to when you are about to take out car insurance? A lot of things, it turns out. We list a few points for attention.

Compulsory BA insurance

The first important matter is, of course, the price. Each insurer decides for itself how much it will charge for a policy

. They take into account the age and driving experience of the driver, his claims history, where he lives, whether or not he has taken a defensive driving course and any driving aid systems in the car. Some companies also take the parents’ accident history into account for young people.

Since each company chooses how much importance they attach to each criterion, the rates can vary widely. So the comparison is definitely necessary. One way of doing this is to use comparison sites.

Especially those who only need compulsory civil liability cover can benefit from this. After all, civil liability intervenes if someone is at fault in an accident in order to compensate the other party for the damage.

This is why the cover is strictly regulated and the same everywhere. So there’s nothing to stop consumers from choosing the cheapest, and special formulas are available for people who travel a short distance.

However, there may be reasons not to immediately go for the cheapest insurance company. With some companies, you get a joker or similar benefit if you have been driving for years without an accident. If you then cause an accident, your next premium is not immediately increased.


Comparing them becomes a little more difficult if you take out a comprehensive policy which also covers your own losses. For this, you first need to look at what is covered: theft, collision with animals, natural forces, fire, glass breakage, vandalism, own loss in an accident at fault,…..

Also important are the arrangements for a replacement vehicle. How long will this be available to you? Will you get a small car or a car of the category you drive?

All coverages have a price, which can vary from company to company. It is therefore important to find out first which elements are very important for you and which are less important.

But in addition to the coverages and their price, two other things play an important role. The first is the deductible. This is the amount you have to bear yourself in the event of a claim. The higher the deductible, the lower your premium will be.

A second matter is the calculation of the premium. Is this done on the basis of the list price? Or on the price actually paid (which may be lower if you have received a large discount) or on an agreed price? The choice can greatly affect the premium. It also has an impact on the final compensation for your own claims.

Changing company?

Do you want to change companies? Keep in mind that your policy must be canceled three months before the expiration date. In the event of a car accident, you can cancel within a month, after the company has informed you whether or not you will be compensated.

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