More than $235,000 is already offered for this converted Porsche

A properly adapted Porsche 356 with a different engine and interior is auctioned in the United States. More than $235,000 has already been bid for on the well-known auction site “Bring a Trailer.”

A Porsche 356 is a beloved classic, which yields the most when it is in its original state. Unless it’s a ‘hotrod’ from Emory – one of the most beloved builders of ‘outlaw’ cars.

The American company has been converting old Porsches for several decades so that they drive as you would like them to drive. Other well-known manufacturers of custom Porsches are Magnus Walker, RUF, Rauh Welt Begriff, and Singer.

More than $235,000 is already offered for this converted Porsche
©Bring a Trailer – Porsche 356 hotrod

If you have something with this kind of classic Porsches and have at least a quarter of a million dollars, you can bid on this modified 1959 Porsche 356A

Emory Outlaw.

This now-to-be-sold car is a star in the Outlaw world, with various TV and auto show appearances, including the Jay Leno TV show and the famous Luftgekühlt meeting in Southern California.

More than $235,000 is already offered for this converted Porsche
©Emory hotrods – The 356 was the first Porsche model

Under the hood is a 2.4-liter measuring four-cylinder boxer engine with a dry-sump carter, which is 205 hp. A manual five-speed gearbox drives the rear wheels, and a stainless steel M&K exhaust provides the soundtrack of the car.

The interior is better than new, with ivory white accents and an upgraded stereo with modern gadgets such as a Bluetooth connection for a mobile phone. The 356 was taken care of by Emory in 2012 and has since driven 10,800 kilometers.

The bids are already at $235,000, with 11 days to close.

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