Mother and daughter die after drinking prophetic healing drink

A single woman and her mother, both Zimbabwean, died after allegedly drinking a mixture given to them by a self-proclaimed prophet in South Africa.

According to iHarare news media, Sithandazile Nyathi, 30, and her mother, Ms. Thokozani Ncube, 51, who live in South Africa, died shortly after allegedly drinking the “cleansing” concoction they received from a prophet named Brian Mpofu from the suburb of Cowdray Park last week. The mother had accompanied her daughter to see the prophet.

In a report, it is mentioned that the two had approached the Prophet to explain Sithandazile’s problems, including marriage pressures, because she had no suitors. The aunt of the late Elizabeth Ncube revealed that Sithandaziles had been in contact with the Prophet since she was in South Africa.

Ncube’s sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Ncube said: “We weren’t there when it happened, but what we were told is that they went to see a prophet in Cowdray Park on Saturday. Sithandazile is the one who sought the services of the prophet and asked her mother to go with her. They went with our 15-year-old nephew who told us what really happened.”

“He said the prophet gave each of them a substance to make them vomit, saying it would break the curse. After that, he gave them a concoction of bluestone, aloe vera, and lemon said they were going to drink at home the next day before eating anything.”

“Before drinking the mixture, we are told that the prophet sent them a message, asking them not to give it to the boy but to share his dose. Soon after drinking the mixture, they began to complain that it made them weak, complaining of stomach cramps. Sithandazile asked the boy to give her a bucket so she could throw up in it.”

“My sister thought that’s probably how the drug worked. When the boy brought the bucket, Sithandazile was already having trouble breathing, so the boy called his uncle, my late sister’s husband.”

“We are told that before my sister’s husband could assist Sithandazile, he discovered that his wife (my sister) didn’t answer when he called her in her room and when he went to see her, he discovered she had white liquids coming out of her mouth and nose.”

Bulawayo police spokesman Chief Inspector Precious Simango also confirmed that they were investigating the problem.

“Yes, we received a case where the mother and daughter died after drinking a toxic substance given to them by a self-proclaimed prophet. I can’t say much at this time because it could compromise our investigations. However, we have arrested a suspect in connection with the deaths of the two women.”

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