Mother of 4 children electrocuted after smartphone falls into tub

In Dinant’s hospital, a mother (30) of four children was killed last weekend due to electrocution. The woman probably dropped her smartphone in the bathtub while it was charging.

The drama happened according to the newspaper ‘L’Ardennais’ and ‘La Radio des Ardennais’ on Tuesday evening October 8 in Aubrives, a village in the French Ardennes, just across the border with Belgium. The woman was apparently found lifeless in the bath. Her smartphone was on the bottom, which was connected to a power outlet via her charger.

The emergency services arrived on the spot. The woman was taken by ambulance to the hospital in Dinant, Belgium. She died there last weekend. More details are unknown.

In the Outreau in the north of France, a 17-year-old girl also died in the bath after she dropped her cell phone in the tub. Her telephone was also connected to a power outlet via a cable.

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