Mugger gets a lot of punch from his mother: “I did not raise you like that!”

A robber of a bus in a slum of Mexico City got the fright of his life when he suddenly saw his mother sitting among the passengers. She did not think for a moment and gave her son a good beating.

Armed and determined to take a good hit, the 35-year-old Ramón boarded the bus. Under threat of the weapon, he told the passengers to surrender their money and valuable possessions.

One by one, he took off all the occupants, until he saw his mother sitting on one of the last benches. She did not hesitate, removed one of her shoes and gave her son a few punches. She screamed that she had not raised him like that and that he had to give everything back. If it was not enough, she then transferred her son to the police and urged her fellow passengers to file an indictment against him.

“I have always told him to follow the way of God,” she stated later, not hiding her horror about her son’s behaviour.

One of the passengers managed to make a few images of the blows that the unfortunate mugger received from his mama. He put it on the internet, after which the failed robbery went viral and was widely reported in various Mexican media.

©Twitter-Raid Ramón gets a lot from his mother while he robs bus passengers.

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