Muslim Brotherhood TV calls for “kill all homosexuals” [Video]

The presenter of a Muslim Brotherhood* television station poured her hatred of homosexuals into a monologue lasting more than a minute. Among other things, she called for them to be burned alive or stoned to death, arguing that this was the words of the Prophet Mohammed.

TV presenter Hala Samir called on 16 June for the murder of all homosexuals on Watan TV; the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood* channel based in Turkey. The clip was pinned and broadcast on YouTube by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), translating her words into English.

“If you find men engaged in a homosexual act, kill the one who is active as well as the one who is passive,” she says, quoting the founder of Islam, “do not start asking yourself: you active or passive?” Kill both”.

Then the presenter assures that the “companions of the Prophet Mohammed” agree that homosexuals

should be killed, but not on how to do it. “Some say they should be burned alive,” she continues, “others say they should be thrown from a good height and then stoned. Still, others say they should be stoned to death”.

Same sentence for lesbians

Hala Samir ends her speech on women. “Islamic experts unanimously say that lesbianism is prohibited,” she adds.“Some of them say, ‘I’m not homosexual, I’m gay. They want to make it sound good. No! You’re a homosexual, a sodomite, and a lesbian,” she concludes.

The MEMRI says it broadcast this message, aimed at an international audience, to break down the language barrier and better educate and inform about ideological trends in the Middle East. Still, it does not endorse what was said.

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