“My husband asks me for a divorce to marry my sister”

I don’t know which saint to dedicate myself to and I come to you so you can help me save my marriage. Since the first day I laid eyes on him, I knew he would be my husband.

We met in the lobby of my administration and a year later I became his wife. We were living a romance that didn’t say her name until my responsibilities at work tripled.

I was appointed to a high-level position of responsibility and missions were increasing all the time. Two years after my marriage I had a lovely daughter. When the maternity leave ran out, I called in my little sister to take care of my baby.

With all the talk about cleaning girls, I didn’t dare to try the experiment. I had less time for my husband and my daughter, my sister took care of everything. Cleaning, cooking, etc … she was proudly serving me. And I had no idea that she would one day take my place as Madam!

My husband and my sister got so close to each other. They took advantage of my absences (Missions) to pay a good time. I came back from Canada two weeks ago, my man wanted us to talk. We went to dinner on the way down from work.

He’s telling me that he wants to divorce me to marry my little sister because she’s pregnant for him and he loves her more than me.

The Wife laments

She’s my biological sister, too!

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