Mystery about the death of rapper Kenny Vulcan in Rio

The Rio police decided to stop the investigation of the disappearance of the British rapper two weeks ago.

The investigation into the death of British rapper Kenny Vulcan was stopped by Rio police.

The findings of the Rio police investigations were revealed by Inspector Elen Souto.

According to him, the British landed in the sea on April 13 from the top of the cable car that he had borrowed in the west of Rio.

The local police retraced his last steps after leaving the music studio where he started recording.

The bag, wallet, laptop, smartphone and other British personal belongings were found the day after his disappearance by the surfers.

According to the investigators, these findings dismiss the thesis of a crime against the rapper.

The victim’s father and uncle, traveling to Rio for the investigation, unveiled his depressive past.

Firefighter searches for seven days at sea to find his body were in vain.

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