Need car insurance? Attention, because normal car policy does not cover all risks.

Your car insurance is in order so that you can get on the road without worries. At least, that’s what you think. Did you know, for example, that your green card (or the white one) does not cover all risks? Below are the highlights of the limitations.

Damage to third parties

If you want to go on the track with a car, you are obliged to take out civil liability insurance. By doing so, the legislator intends to prevent victims of a collision from being left out in the cold. The policy covers the damage that you can cause to others with your vehicle. These others may be oncoming vehicles but also vulnerable road users, passengers in your vehicle, and owners of goods you drive into.

Need car insurance? Attention, because normal car policy does not cover all risks.

There’s no exemption for the victims. They will be fully compensated according to the rules in force. The cover for bodily harm is unlimited. For material damage, however, the insurers may limit their intervention, although the guarantee must be at least millions of dollars.

Please note: if you have a trailer with a maximum authorized mass of more than 750 kg, it is covered by the insurance obligation.

Geographically limited

Despite this extensive arrangement, your green card – proof that you paid for the car insurance – does not offer an absolute guarantee. For example, the cover only applies to the countries for which the policy was issued.

It concerns at least all countries that are part of the Economic area. For other countries, your insurer may refuse coverage. He must then delete it on your green card.

Own damage

Equally important is that the Civil liability insurance only applies to damage you cause to third parties. The damage to your vehicle is not insured if you have a collision at fault or if you are affected by natural disasters. If you wish to do so, you must take out a so-called omnium policy. You have the choice between a mini- or fully comprehensive policy.

A mini-omnium covers you if you suffer damage in the event of a fire, glass breakage, hail, lightning, and fire extinguishing. The exact conditions vary from policy to policy. It is non-mandatory insurance, so the insurance companies can determine their terms and conditions. So check carefully what is and what is not insured.

If you also want your own damage to be compensated if you cause a collision, you have to take a so-called full omnium. Usually, you do have a franchise on this. This means that the first tranche of costs will still be at your expense, although there are also companies that bear all the costs. They are more expensive.

Driver insurance

But an omnium also has its limitations. For example, most insurance companies exclude damage resulting from participation in races or speed competitions, in a drunken accident and a car accident without a valid inspection certificate.

Another limitation is equally important: if you also want insurance for the physical damage of the driver in the event of an accident in error, you must also take out so-called driver insurance in order to benefit from cover.

Legal counsel

Legal aid is also frequently requested. This provides legal assistance if you end up in legal proceedings for your car. You can take this out with the insurer of your vehicle, but also with another company.


Finally, you can also cover yourself against breakdowns on the road. You can choose between a policy with a traditional insurance company or a contract with a mobility organization such as Touring.

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