Neighbours attack each other with planks during quarrels [Video]

“No need for an alarm clock at my Nanna’s house this morning when you have plank wars going off at 8am.” That is what a young man from Newcastle, UK posted on Twitter on a movie about a couple of quarrelsome neighbours. In two days’ time it was viewed almost 6 million times.

The film by Taran Stokoe was recorded from a house with a view of the gardens in question. The images show how two men throw planks at each other over a wall. On the first floor of one of the houses a woman watches, while another woman tries to intervene to calm down the mood. And then joined and starts the throw game.

Drain pipe

Already more than 220,000 people were clicking the video and nearly 70,000 viewers shared the images. The reactions did not stay out. “Hahaha, he throws his own drain pipe broken”, someone laughs about one of the less successful throws of the man on the left. “I see, the man’s throw to the right just before was like an Olympic spear”, someone else answers. “Yes, because a launch,” says a third. “He even put a little spin into it. 10 out of 10. Great technique.”

Others gave a playful ‘explanation’ to the scene. “Do not be alarmed”, it sounds, among other things. “This is a tradition in England. Morning-to-floor planks allow neighbours to show love and affection by sharing firewood to keep homes warm in the winter. In the end, a lot of love is shown when firewood is thrown back.”

And also: “That guy was probably building a wall and wanted his neighbour to pay for it. Unbelievable.”

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