Netanyahu: “Iran hides nuclear material in Tehran”

Iran keeps nuclear material hidden in a warehouse in Tehran and does not comply with the international agreement that has been concluded with Western superpowers. That is what the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed today in his speech to the United Nations.

Netanyahu showed aerial photographs of the alleged warehouse from the lectern and called on the IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency to conduct immediate research into atomic storage.

“Today I announce for the first time that Iran still has a facility in Tehran, a secret atomic warehouse for the storage of large quantities of material for the secret nuclear program of Iran”.

Netanyahu was one of the many world leaders to address the UN General Assembly this week. It has been agreed in the international agreement that Iran will reduce its nuclear program. The United States unilaterally cancelled the agreement earlier this year. US President Donald Trump was very keen for the Iranian regime earlier this week, according to him “the main sponsor of international terrorism”.

Source: ANP, Reuters

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