New Apple Watch can detect heart problems, call ambulance when you fall

Besides the three new iPhones, Apple also presented a new Apple Watch on Wednesday evening. The Apple Watch Series 4 works as an extension of the iPhone, but also helps users to stay healthy. So, the smart watch can make a heart movie that you can share with your doctor.

To begin with, the Apple Watch S4 is equipped with a larger, almost borderless screen. The smartwatch should also be faster than its predecessors by a brand-new processor. With the device around your wrist you can read, call and chat with virtual assistant Siri as usual, but this time Apple also puts more emphasis than ever on health.

Heart rhythm disorders
What makes this edition really special is the possibility to take an electrocardiogram. By keeping your finger on the watch, you could produce your own heart movie within thirty seconds. According to Apple, cardiac arrhythmias could be detected more easily than ever. The function was also approved by the American health watchdog FDA.

In addition, the S4 is also able to detect falls. The watch can recognize the typical movements during a fall and gives you the opportunity to notify the emergency services immediately, in case you have injured yourself. If you lie on the ground for more than a minute, the device automatically calls an ambulance and sends you through your location. It is not known whether the position also works outside the US.

From 429 euros
The Apple Watch Series 4 is currently on the Belgian market in a gold, silver and gray version. Good to know: all straps of the previous models also fit on the S4.

A model with GPS function can be ordered from September 14 starting at €429. The predecessor, Series 3, is also reduced in price to 299 euros and Apple stops the first series.

Source: Apple

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