New emojis release: Pregnant man, beans and slide for smartphones

Every year, tech companies add a series of new emojis to smartphones through the Unicode Consortium. This time there are, among other things, a pregnant man, beans and a slide. The new emoji will gradually appear this month and in the coming months.

The new emoji offerings are always determined by the Unicode Consortium, a non-profit organization responsible for the buttons that can be pressed on a keyboard. A real emoji council is active within this, consisting of representatives from all major tech companies.

This time one of the objectives was to show more diversity in gender. 37 new emojis will be added, bringing the total number of emojis to 3,633.

Among other things, a lot of new hands are added to the range, shaking each other, pointing at the screen or trying to pick up something. They are always available in different skin tones.

The release new  emoji for 2021
The new emoji release for 2021. ©Unicode Consortium

Gender-neutral pregnant

The pregnancy emoji gets two new variants, with a pregnant man and a gender-neutral option. There are also now smileys of a piece of coral, a water lily, beans and a slide.

Sometime in September

The emojis are expected between September and early next year when tech companies release their major software updates of the year. The list of new images was launched earlier this year and was also recently approved.

However, the emojis look slightly different on the phone. Apple, Google, Microsoft and other tech companies design their own variants that better match the design of their software and devices.

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