Thomas Beatie, the first pregnant man wants to have another child (photos)

The first pregnant man in the world has revealed that he is ready to give birth to another child.

Thomas Beatie hit the headlines in 2007 when he became pregnant with artificial insemination. He gave birth to a girl in July 2008.

Born a girl, Thomas Beatie’s name was Tracy.

At the age of 28, she decides to undergo a transformation to become a man.

After meeting his wife, the couple discovers that Nancy can not have children.

Having not finished his physical transformation, Thomas Beatie decided to stop his treatment for artificial insemination.

Later, he separated from his first wife and remarried to Amber Beatie who recently gave birth to their boy, Jackson.

However, Thomas does not rule out the possibility of getting pregnant again.

“I would do it if possible. The problem is that we still have frozen embryos. This is an important decision we must make.”

“Amber said that if I want a girl, I have to do it myself and wear it,” said Thomas on ITV’s show This Morning.

Asked about the possibility of expanding his family, Thomas said: “I do not completely exclude the issue.”

Thomas says that his children do not see him as a woman because they know it’s part of his past.

Source: intouchweekly

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