which emojis are passé and what a birthday cake really means

More than ever, we communicate through texts on screens. Besides, emojis are the perfect compensation for the lack of body language and intonation.

Provided you use the icons correctly. We know that the laughing shit stands for happiness, and the eggplant is not as innocent as it seems, we know. But did you realize that a birthday cake has a bawdy subtext and that a clown is not a compliment?

Since the advent of smartphones and digital messages, emojis have taken over the world. The collection of smileys, dolls, and small drawings seem simple, but you can go wrong with it.

Both young and old use emojis, leading to different meanings, differences of interpretation, and misunderstandings. That’s why Emojipedia (yes, the reference site for emojis) has released a guide. A sort of emoji dictionary that explains how the youth uses the symbols on TikTok.

😂 is for boomers

One of the most enlightening insights? For years, the smiley face that laughs with tears was super popular. In the meantime, he is completely outdated. “This emoji is for boomers. In other words: everyone older than 35,” it says on the site.

The same applies to the variant that rolls on the ground and sheds tears by laughing: 🤣. Those who use it are no longer with us.

How can you indicate that you find something funny? With a skull. So hip birds use 💀 instead of 😂. This is actually saying, this was hilarious. I can no longer and laughed myself to death.

set of emoji

Up and coming

Emojipedia also lists some other emojis that are commonly used and emerging on TikTok.

The clown: 🤡. It is used to describe someone as selfish or stupid and appears more than once in videos of people acting like an idiot.

The birthday cake: 🎂. This is an alternative to the peach (🍑) and means as much as a butt.

Loud weeping face: 😭. Originally, this emoji expressed great sorrow, but in the meantime, it suits all strong emotions. Even when laughing really hard.

• 👁👄👁: This successive trio expresses that someone is amazed and fascinated by something. Not to be confused with the other eyes (👀). They indicate flirty behavior.

The pancakes: 🥞. Because we don’t have enough foods yet that symbolize our derriere. Although the pancakes are mainly used to portray a ‘flat poo’.

which emojis are passé and what a birthday cake really means

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