New ‘Harry and Meghan’ movie criticized by scene Duchess is involved in car accident like Princess Diana

Although the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s new film won’t be released until tomorrow, it can already count on a flurry of criticism.

In a trailer of ‘Harry & Meghan: Escaping The Palace’, Meghan Markle (40) can be seen in a car accident. The facts are suspiciously similar to the death of Princess Diana. A lot of viewers are now expressing their displeasure on social media

Harry & Meghan: Escaping The Palace airs tomorrow on Lifetime. The film is about the events that led to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex resigning from their royal duties in 2020 and their subsequent interview with Oprah Winfrey.

It is Lifetime’s third film about the royal couple, following on from 2018’s ‘Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance’ and ‘Harry & Meghan: Becoming Royal’ from 2019.

In a series of new footage released, Meghan (played by Sydney Morton) can be seen in a car accident similar to the one that killed Princess Diana in 1997. Photographers surround her as she lies beneath an overturned car.

Prince Harry (Jordan Dean) meanwhile does everything he can to open the car door. The scene takes place in the film as part of a dream, with Meghan waking up next to Harry and their son Archie.

Nevertheless, the images were heavily condemned on social media. According to many Twitter users, the scene is “tasteless” and “sick”. Fox host Elizabeth MacDonald also criticized: “Who thought this was a good idea?”

“I find it unbelievable to what depths of depravity people go these days,” read another tweet. “How very distasteful. What would the producers like about a movie about their partner being killed in a car accident?”

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