Nigeria: Students tied to crucifixes and beaten for coming late to school (photos)

Three people, including a school principal, were arrested for inflicting inhuman punishment on two students.

The punishment that turn viral on social media, and leave many people on bizarre on this kind of inhumanity to school students

According the reports from CNN, the students arrived late, these two students were tied to crucifixes before being ruthlessly beaten.

Students were flogged by a teacher in front of their school on Wednesday morning in the remote town of Ayetoro, Ogun State, northwest of Lagos.

“They were tied to woods made to look like a crucifix when a policeman on patrol saw them, they asked the director and the owner of the school to detach them but they refused, they even beat one of the police,” said Abimbola Oyeyemi, Ogun State Police Spokesperson told CNN.

The state police command said an investigation was opened, noting that the school principal, the owner, and a teacher were charged with assault and for serious bodily injury.

Corporal punishment is a common form of punishment in many Nigerian schools despite its negative results on children.

Nigeria is not among the 60 states and territories that have banned corporal punishment, although international organizations are demanding that this be done.

The United Nations Children’s Agency estimates that approximately 300 million children aged 2 years are constantly subjected to corporal punishment in worldwide.

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