No new version of ‘Fortnite’ for those who play on an Apple device

Epic Games, the creator of the hit game ‘Fortnite’, has confirmed that the game’s new season will not be released for iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers. The game developer says it is pausing development for all Apple operating systems indefinitely.

Earlier this month, Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store because Epic Games had come into play with a new payment system to bypass mandatory remittances to Apple.

Basically, Epic Games releases a new version of the popular game every ten weeks. Fortnite, Chapter 2: Season 4 will be launched tomorrow, Thursday, August 27, but will not be playable on an Apple device. The company says this in a statement on its website.

Apple blocks updates and new installations from the App Store and has said that Fortnite can no longer be developed for its operating systems. That’s why the latest chapter of “Fortnite will not be released for iOS and macOS on August 27,” it sounds.

The announcement is not unexpected after a US judge ruled on Monday that Apple is not required to return the Fortnite app to the App Store. Epic Games had requested a preliminary decision from the judge because otherwise, it would suffer “irreparable damage”.

The cause of the dispute between the two companies is the 30 percent commission that Apple wants from every purchase. Epic Games thinks that is too much, and offered coins for sale in the game without going through Apple’s payment system.

That goes against Apple’s rules, which is why Fortnite was kicked out of the App Store. Google also removed the app from the Play Store for the same reason. However, the app can also be downloaded in other ways on phones with the Android operating system.

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