Only at the Africa Cup: Sierra Leone keeper unpacks in historic duel with unorthodox saves and breaks down in tears

Mohamed Kamara: the hero of Sierra Leone and, by extension, the entire Africa Cup so far. Spectacularly but extremely efficiently, he kept superpower Algeria at 0-0. After the game, the man broke down in front of the camera – realizing, among other things, the joy he had brought to his country.

With a slide. With a quick hand. With the head. With a lightning-fast dive to the ground. Sometimes acrobatic, but always efficient. Sierra Leone goalkeeper Mohamed Kamara was simply unbeatable against defending champions Algeria (0-0). It drove Riyad Mahrez crazy.

Kamara is also the provisional hero of the Africa Cup. That for a country that is only playing the final round of the African tournament for the third time and is participating for the first time since 1996. It is, therefore, not illogical that emotions took over afterward.

The 22-year-old Kamara, active in his own country with first division East End Lions, was naturally crowned Man of the Match. In the interview afterward, he broke down in tears. Tears of happiness, of course, only then realizing what feat he had accomplished and how he had brought his homeland into ecstasy.

Left: Mohamed Kamara with a spectacular save. Right: Kamara in tears afterwards.
Left: Mohamed Kamara with a spectacular save. Right: Kamara in tears afterwards. © AP/AFCON2021

His numerous saves also brought in some extra cash for Sierra Leone’s players. Thanks to the draw, each player is richer by 4,500 dollars. $3,000 to attend the tournament, 1,500 dollars because they kept Algeria in check.

To summarize the impressive performance: Algeria is number 29 in the world and unbeaten since October 2018 (!). Sierra Leone is the number 108. Kamara: the hero of the nation.

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