Over 700 civilians have been killed in ongoing violence in Myanmar

More than 700 civilians have been killed in the protests and riots following the military coup in Myanmar. This was calculated by the Myanmar organization ‘Assistance Association for Political Prisoners’ (AAPP).

On February 1, the army regained power in the Southeast Asian country. The democratic government of Aung San Suu Kyi was impeached after her NLD party’s victory at the end of last year. Since then, there has been ongoing popular protest in the cities, with the military invariably not shying away from the harsh means to expel the crowd.

According to AAPP, there have now been 701 civilian casualties. An army spokesman cited the figure of 248 dead on Friday.

According to the Myanmar NGO, Friday was a very bloody day, with 82 dead in the northeastern city of Bago alone. The United Nations office in Myanmar says it is now monitoring the situation in the city. “We are asking the security forces to allow emergency workers to care for the injured,” the agency said via Twitter.

Also restless today

It is also restless on Sunday. For example, according to local media, there was a bomb explosion near the Myawaddy bank in the centrally located city of Mandalay. A guard was injured. The army, the “Tatmadaw”, controls the bank.

There is also a call all over the country to take to the streets with torches on Sunday evening after sunset.

Ethnic conflicts

The whole situation is also rekindling ethnic conflicts – the country has some 20 armed populations. In the northern state of Shan, the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) attacked a police station. A dozen officers were killed, according to a TNLA general.

According to local media, the rebels set the building on fire. The army subsequently carried out airstrikes, in which at least one rebel was killed, the armed group said.

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