Painful! These stars have spelling mistakes in their tattoo

Ariana Grande (25) wanted to celebrate the success of her single ‘7 Rings’ with a brand new tattoo on her hand. In Japanese she had that title put in her palm, but the spelling check is obviously not used. There is now no 7 Rings but the meaning of a kind of Japanese barbecue grill. And Ariana is by no means the only celebrity who went home with a camel from a spelling mistake in a new tattoo.

After placing a photo several fans were there as the chickens to point out the mistake of Ariana Grand. Ariana responds laconically to the noise. “I am also a fan of small barbecues,” she says on Twitter. After that she comes with an explanation for the misspelling: it appears that she deliberately omitted a few characters because putting the tattoo too much hurt. “I could not have kept a few more characters. But the place where it is put is very bad, so it does not last long. If I miss too much I will suffer the whole tattoo next time.”

©Instagram – The tattoo of Ariana now plays ‘small barbecues’.

David Beckham

In 2000 David Beckham wanted to put a tattoo to honour his wife. However, he wanted a tattoo in Hindi, a language that the footballer apparently has not mastered. In the translation of his tattoo is also ‘Vihctoria’, and not Victoria. Wondering what Mrs Beckham had to say about that.

The translation of his tattoo is ‘Vihctoria’, and not Victoria

Jessie J

‘Who You Are’ became one of the most famous hits of the Jessie J. “She does not lose her voice in the blur of the stars”, she sings at a certain moment. But when the British singer wanted to immortalize those words on her pelvis, something went wrong. There is, after all, “Do not loose who you are in the blur of the stars”, with an “o” too much loose. As a result, Jessie J now mainly wears trousers with a high waist.

It says “Do not lose out on the stars,” with an “o” too much in loose

Britney Spears

Britney Spears also knows what it means to live with a misspelled tattoo. What’s more, she even has two where a mistake has crept into. For example, there is a Chinese sign on her hip, of which the singer thought it meant ‘Rebels’. In reality, however, the sign means ‘Strange’. In the back of her neck are three Hebrew signs. They should have spelled ‘God’. However, Britney went home with a tattoo that would not bless anything at all, and therefore also pure nonsense.

©Splash News – Britney Spears also knows what it means to live with a misspelled tattoo.
Britney Spears also knows what it means to live with a misspelled tattoo.


The words ‘rebel flower’ have a great significance for Rihanna. She identifies herself with those words, and it was also the name of her own perfume, which was launched in 2010. That is why she wanted the words to be inked on her body. But Rihanna chose the French words ‘Rebelle Fleur’, which have no meaning at all. In French, the adjective follows behind the nouns.

Rihanna chose the French words ‘Rebelle Fleur’, which actually have no meaning at all

Hayden Panettiere

‘Heroes’ actress Hayden Panettiere shoots the dubious main bird. The actress had ‘Live Without Regrets’ tattooed, but then in Italian. Hayden had better have her design read, because the tattoo was completely misspelled.

©Getty – The tattoo was completely misspelled.

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