Pharrell ferocious: Trump turns ‘Happy’ on the same day as shooting

Singer and music producer Pharrell Williams is anything but not happy with the latest action by US President Donald Trump, that turned Pharrell’s hit ‘Happy’ during his last political rally in Indiana, which took place on the same day as the shootings in the synagogue in Pittsburgh where 11 people were killed.

The singer summoned his lawyer to send a letter to the American president, with the demand that he no longer uses his music.

“On the day a disturbed nationalist commits a mass murder, you played the song Happy. There is nothing ‘happy’ about such a tragedy at all, and you have not been given permission to play this track,” says Pharrell’s lawyer to Trump.

Williams is not the first artist to demand that the president stops playing his or her music. Steven Tyler from Aerosmith has already expressed his dissatisfaction on several occasions. Adele also does not want him to play her songs at public meetings.

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