Pickpocket grabs something ‘heavy’, it turns out to be handcuffs from policeman

The Amsterdam police arrested two very awkward pickpockets yesterday. The unfortunate duo saw the policeman’s handcuffs for good loot.

The Amsterdam Center police report the special situation on its Facebook page itself. The pickpockets saw a man who was dressed smartly, including an expensive watch.

The duo did not change their mind for a moment and struck almost immediately. Unfortunately for the thieves, it turned out to be a civilian agent.

While a thief grabbed the policeman’s wrist, his companion saw something in their victim’s jacket pocket. The man decided to grab a hold of the jacket pocket and pulled out a set of handcuffs.

“Your friend sees that the man’s jacket pocket is a bit heavy and decides to grab it. The latter was successful, but you loot inside. Unfortunately for you, your booty was a set of handcuffs,” the police write.

In the Facebook message, the police also report that a civilian officer alw ays has a set of handcuffs with him. And that worked out well in this case. Because after the agent had rolled his handcuffs, he could use the hand irons immediately.

The thief got his booty on his own wrists within 10 seconds. And the police proudly report that their friend also received a set from them, “for free and for nothing.”

Text continues under Facebook message…

Remarkable tricks

It is more common that pickpockets accidentally choose an agent as a victim. For example, three Moroccan pickpockets were given two months in jail for stealing a bait watch via ‘the football trick’ of a civilian agent during King’s Night in Amsterdam’s city center.

According to AD, Pickpockets also occasionally do remarkable tricks. For example, at the end of last year, two pickpockets tried to rob two men of a telephone by throwing their dick into battle.

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