Polish boxing world champion gets world news with few subtle actions

Then you are world champion in boxing, and a trade magazine calls the weighting more interesting than the competition itself. It happened to Ewa Brodnicka, even though the Polish himself is not a small one. Brodnicka is one of the faces of Polish boxing. When defending her world title at the WBO super lightweights last Friday, she even made the world news.

Before her camp, Brodnicka looked into the eyes of the Argentinian Edith Soledad Matthysse. Most of them expected a heated camp. Brodnicka had challenged her opponent at the weighing by – as she often does – putting on little concealing clothing and handing out a nasty kiss at the staredown. The Argentinian had responded with a striking slap in the face.

A spectacle for those who wanted to see it. For the Polish magazine Sportowefakty, this was the highlight of the camp, because of one day later the fight itself had even less to do with it than Brodnicka at the weighing. The Polish kept her world title on points in her own country. Matthysse congratulated her with an apparent middle finger.

After the camp, Brodnicka had not yet been fought out. Her next attempt was reserved for Sportowefakty. On her social media channels, she called the magazine sexist for the derogatory remark that the weighting was much more interesting than the camp itself. Tastes can differ.

Besides her boxing career, Brodnicka herself also dreams of an appearance in the Polish version of the Playboy. “Should I get the offer, I would definitely consider it. But at the moment, I don’t care much.”

Sportowefakty, HLN
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