Powerful explosion sounds in Dubai port

Fire rages in Dubai port of Jebel Ali after an explosion on a container ship. The explosion sounded on the night of July 7-8 in the port of Jebel Ali in southern Dubai, causing a fire.

A fire broke out in the Jebel Ali port in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, after an explosion on Wednesday evening. According to initial reports, there were no casualties or injuries from the incident. The fire service has now brought the fire under control, the emirate’s communications service said.

According to Reuters news agency, witnesses first heard an explosion. Several local residents report that the explosion violently shook doors and windows. Shortly afterward, the fire broke out in the port in the north of the country, close to the border with Abu Dhabi.

Authorities say the fire started on a container ship anchored in the port. The cause of the explosion and fire is not yet known. It shook buildings around, according to testimonies posted on social networks.

According to initial information, the explosion occurred near a fuel depot. The Dubai government later explained that the explosion took place in a container aboard a merchant ship docked in the roadstead of Jabal Ali port. The extent of the damage caused by the explosion to the port and its surroundings is not immediately clear.

In August 2020, a powerful explosion occurred in the port of Beirut, Lebanon, killing 190 people. More than 6,000 others were injured. The blast destroyed or damaged hundreds of homes and cars, blew windows in many areas of the Lebanese capital, and disrupted the operation of the city’s electricity and water systems.

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