Pregnant Chinese finds dead rat in soup, restaurant offers for abortion

In China, a pregnant woman found a dead rat in her soup on Thursday. The restaurant claimed that there was no bad hygiene but offered the woman money for an abortion. The popular restaurant chain already lost 163 million euros in market value since the news became known.

The pregnant woman had dinner with her family last week at the beloved restaurant chain Xiabu Xiabu. There she found the dead rat in her soup. According to her husband, she had already eaten a few bites.

Dead rat inside the food
Dead rat inside the food

Initially, the restaurant offered the woman 700 euros, but she refused. The woman wanted to be examined first before accepting any form of compensation.

According to her husband, 20,000 yuan (about 3,000 euros) was offered after that, should the woman fear the health of the child and want to commit an abortion.

After the photo of the rat appeared on the Chinese social medium Weibo, the restaurant chain saw its market value fall by 163 million euros. The branch is currently closed and is being investigated by local authorities.

The restaurant responded to the news only last Saturday by excluding the incident from bad hygiene, but later removed the message.

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