President flees from Afghanistan: ‘I did it to avoid extra bloodshed’

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani explained in a Facebook post why he fled his country. “I did it to avoid extra bloodshed,” it sounds.

“Today, I was faced with a very difficult choice. Either I stayed in the palace, and a confrontation with the armed Taliban ensued, or I left my beloved country behind.”

“Had I stayed, countless patriots would have been martyred, and the city of Kabul would have been destroyed. The human catastrophe would then have become incalculable. The Taliban managed to expel me, I wanted to avoid more bloodshed.”

“Historical test”

“The Taliban have made it with swords and weapons,” Ghani continued. “Now it is their responsibility to protect the honour, wealth and self-esteem of the people. They have not won our hearts.”

“The Taliban are now facing another historical test. Either they stand up for Afghanistan, or they find other places and networks more important. Many residents live in fear and fear for the future.”

“The Taliban now have to convince everyone, including the women of Afghanistan. They must win the hearts of the people. Make a clear plan and come out with it. I will always serve my country intellectually.”

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