Priest jailed to 5 years for abusing disabled person for almost 20 years

A Parisian priest was found guilty of defiling and sexual assault on a deaf and intellectually impaired disabled living in the Orleans metropolis, reports France Bleu. The clergyman denies the facts. He was sentenced to five years in prison.

On October 9, the Loiret Assize Court sentenced a 53-year-old Parisian priest, Fabrice V., to five years’ imprisonment with registration in the FIJAIS (Automated judicial file for perpetrators of sexual offenses) for acts of “rape and sexual assault on a vulnerable person” for almost 20 years.

The attorney general had requested 15 years of criminal imprisonment. The priest has always claimed his innocence, and his lawyer had pleaded acquittal.

Between 1994 and 2013

The victim, Sébastien, is a deaf and intellectually disabled 49-year-old. He lives in the Orleans metropolis. The facts began in 1994, when he was 23, and lasted until December 2013, reports France Bleu.

The two men had known each other since their teenage years. Fabrice V., who was a student in a Catholic high school, had met Sébastien at the Necker hospital in Paris, where he visited the sick. According to France Bleu, the two men have regularly seen each other for years at Christmas time.

In 1994, Sébastien confided to his brother that he had suffered repeated rapes by his friend. But Fabrice V. still disputes the alleged facts and recognizes only masturbation, reciprocal, and consented.

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