Prisoner with mouth mask takes the place of others and escapes

Wearing a mouth mask helps to prevent recognition. A significant drawback in US prisons. Something the wardens of the great Cook County Jail near Chicago can discuss. A prisoner with a mouth mask took the place of another and was able to escape.

28-year-old Quintin Henderson was detained for several days for drug possession and was about to be released last Saturday. Fellow prisoner Jahquez Scott (21) knew about this. If he could take the place of Henderson, he had $1,000 in credit. Scott was eligible for electronic ankle bracelet monitoring if he could pay a $50,000 bail.

The young twenties who were in prison in the past for, among other things, assault to a police officer, had been locked up for some time for illegal possession of weapons, of which Henderson agreed.

Both wore mouth masks just like the 4,200 other inmates. A federal judge ordered the prison to provide them after a significant coronavirus outbreak in the prison.

Henderson gave his full name and other details to Scott. With success, the 21-year-old could pass the guards with a mask on his mouth, didn’t fall through the basket, and was released. The switch didn’t come to light until the real Henderson was face-to-face with the guards, and his file was missing.

Unfortunately for Henderson, he’ll be locked up for the time being. On Tuesday, he received the new charge of escape assistance against him. If he doesn’t deposit a $ 25,000 deposit, he stays in custody. Scott, by the way, is still a fugitive. The police put out an APB.

No fewer than 800 Cook County Jail prisoners tested positive for Covid-19 in mid-April and are in quarantine. Thousands of others have been transferred to other prisons to combat overpopulation. The prison accommodates typically more than 10,000 prisoners.

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