PSG-Real Madrid: Criticized by fans, Neymar’s father takes his defense

Following PSG’s loss to Real Madrid last Wednesday, Neymar has been severely criticized by fans.

But his father decided to defend himself in a shared publication on his Instagram account.
Neymar Sr. described as “vultures” all those who criticize his son, and promised that his son will come back stronger, after his poor performance against Real Madrid.

Desp ite his sublime form in Ligue 1, the Brazilian has struggled to win in the first leg of the 8th finals of the Champions League


“In a war, there are those who feed on victories and those who, like the vultures, feed on the carcasses of the vanquished. They do nothing, they produce nothing, they live the brilliance or, more often, the difficult moments of their prey”, wrote Neymar Sr.

“My son has been fighting since he was a child, he always fights, he always avoids vultures, and he always gets up harder”.

“We lost a battle, but in terms of the war we will see, because it will last as long as we are in the field and be sure… like a phoenix it will be reborn. Get ready for the coming battle”, he added.

Some of the harshest criticism of Neymar after Wednesday’s game came from former Brazilian international striker Walter Casagrande, who is now a television commentator.

Casagrande called the player selfish and said Brazil “creates a monster that some call genius”.

“He has already behaved inappropriately towards his teammates,” Casagrande told SporTV.

“Against Real Madrid, he took a yellow card in the first half and could have been sent off in the second half.

“It would be disastrous if it was the World Cup. Neymar does not have the quality of winner of Messi, Diego Maradona or Cristiano Ronaldo,” he added.

The return match will take place in Paris on March 6th and Neymar’s father has already warned that the fight will be tough.

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