Raging Trump is considering firing Justice Secretary

US President Donald Trump is furious with his Attorney General William Barr, a loyal ally, who stated earlier this week that he had found no evidence of widespread electoral fraud that could change the outcome of last month’s presidential election. According to an insider, Trump is considering firing Barr. That writes The Washington Post.

US President Donald Trump maintains that he won the November 3 presidential election, even though all notable US news outlets declared Democrat Joe Biden the winner almost a month ago. According to Trump, there has been massive cheating with ballots, but no evidence has been found so far.

His Justice Secretary William Barr also confirmed this on Tuesday, to Trump’s anger. The president also resents Barr for not doing enough to expose the FBI’s federal police force in the investigation into alleged Russian interference in the Trump campaign in 2016.

The president would have liked the results of an investigation into the matter to be leaked before the election, but it didn’t. In 2018, Trump fired Barr’s predecessor, Jeff Sessions, for refusing to intervene in Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s investigation into the alleged collaboration between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin.

Employees have talked to president

According to insiders, Trump complained about Barr all day on Wednesday. The Washington Post reports that several employees have talked to the president to avoid firing the attorney general, but would he still consider it.

The American president has already fired several top officials and ministers in recent weeks. Defense Secretary Mark Esper was the first to be defeated, but Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Director Chris Krebs was also thanked for his services after contradicting electoral fraud allegations.

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