Read what is allow in the second largest city

Sexual activity in public, especially in the street, in front of onlookers, vacant spaces or recreation centers, are now allowed in Guadalajara, the second largest city in Mexico.

Despite the city is marked by corrupt activities, the city council of this city decide to implement the policy.

The municipal authorities in Guadalajara say they have made this decision because too often the police are busy punishing minor offenses such as sexual intercourse, to the point of lacking the time to devote to “serious crimes and offenses”, according to CNews.

This is why the current legislation on sexual acts and other acts of exhibitionism in public has been largely relaxed.

The other reason that justifies this law is that the authorities seek to put an end to racketeering of the police to the citizens.

The police would use those activities to attach abusive fines and thus extort money from couples.

This authorization for sexual intercourse in public, concerns public roads, public places, unoccupied spaces, leisure centers, the interior of cars, or spaces visible from the outside. But it is clear that when a citizen denounces these acts at the moment, they can become an offense.

In this case the couple will be able to attract the lightning of the police.

Clearly, lovemaking in public will be tolerated by the police, except in a situation where a shameless couple is denounced by a passerby. In this case, the police can just verbalize the couple in question.

In other words, as long as there is no denunciation, no reaction from the police.

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