“Replace a lamp or cook? Cristiano doesn’t do that” – Georgina Rodríguez

Georgina Rodríguez (27) is from another planet, just like her other half. Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend graced the cover of the Gazzetta Dello Sport magazine last weekend. In it, she openly discussed her relationship with the top footballer. “At first, I was ashamed to play sports with him,” she said.

“We have a house with a garden, where our children can play. We don’t lack anything. The people here in Turin are friendly and I am happy here,” says Georgina, who has lived in Italy for almost three years after Ronaldo’s switch from Real Madrid to Juventus.

“Quiet shopping is not an option. (smiles) Although sometimes we managed to escape unnoticed thanks to our mouth masks. Cristiano is a fantastic dad and the partner of my dreams.”

A relationship with Ronaldo: in addition to the ‘fame’ and money, it also has its (negligible) disadvantages. Household tasks, for example, are not reserved for ‘CR7’. “He doesn’t cook, no. We have a chef, and sometimes I cook. After a morning workout, he deserves good food,” says Georgina.

“And replacing a lamp, for example, is impossible. We have high ceilings, hey. If you were Cristiano, would you replace a lamp a few feet above the ground? No, right.” Georgina does not find that a problem at all.

“It makes sense that Cristiano is focused on his passion: football. I’ll take care of the rest.”

Georgina Rodríguez

Georgina’s interview in Sportweek is a big song of praise for one of the world’s best footballers, who scored in the draw against Hellas Verona on Saturday. “I have already learned a lot from him. He motivates me.”

For example, she was regularly spotted next to Ronaldo in their private fitness. “At first, I was ashamed to play sports with him. He is and remains Cristiano Ronaldo. But eventually, that changed – I quickly felt at ease. He is my inspiration and great love.”


Cristiano’s club Juventus could also use a little more inspiration. The ‘Oude Dame’ has a difficult season, with ten points behind leader Inter in the league and a 2-1 defeat against Porto in the Champions League in the first leg of the eighth-finals. It is no surprise that Cristiano, known for his winning mentality, cannot stand his loss.

“If a match did not go well, Cristiano is not exactly the sunshine in the house. On the other hand, he realizes how football works. Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win. He will always want to get better. He is self-critical, responsible, and passionate. The perfect mix.”

Georgina and Cristiano have been a couple for almost five years now. The two have a daughter together, Alana Martina. Ronaldo also has two more sons, Cristiano Junior and Mateo, and a daughter Eva.

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