Russia and China point fingers at Ukraine and the West for escalating conflict

Russia and China are pointing an accusing finger at Kyiv and Western countries for the escalation in the conflict over Ukraine. This was stated by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov after a conversation with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi.

“The ministers expressed their joint conviction that the cause for the current crisis lies in Kyiv’s refusal – encouraged by the United States and its allies – to implement the Minsk Accords,” Lavrov said.

To Chinese state broadcaster CCTV, Wang, in turn, proclaimed that China has always recognized the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries. On the other hand, the conflict over Ukraine has “complex and special historical aspects,” and Beijing understands Russia’s legitimate concerns over security issues.”

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Ukrainian central bank limits cash withdrawals

Now that martial law has been declared in Ukraine, the central bank is limiting the amount that can be withdrawn daily from bank accounts. The institution announced this on Thursday.

Per account, a maximum of 100,000 Ukrainian grivnas per day can be withdrawn. This amounts to just under 3,000 euros. Salaries and benefits are excluded from the limit. The daily limit also does not apply to companies and institutions that are participating in the mobilization in Ukraine, among others.

On bank accounts in foreign currency, all money is frozen. Again, there is an exception for companies and institutions cooperating in the mobilization.

In addition, the central bank in Kyiv still largely suspends trading on the foreign exchange market, among other things.

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“Russian troops penetrate area around Chernobyl”

Russian troops have reached the area near the former Ukrainian nuclear reactor Chernobyl. According to Ukraine, the military entered the country from Belarus. Local media report that a nuclear waste storage site has been hit by Russian shelling. The area has been radioactive since a nuclear reactor exploded in 1986. This became the largest nuclear disaster ever.

According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Russian troops are trying to take the old nuclear power plant. “Our defenders are giving their lives to avoid a tragedy like in 1986,” he wrote on Twitter. “This is a declaration of war against all of Europe.”

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