Russian perfume maker produces fragrance with name “Sexual Harassment”

The owner of Nimere Parfum, a small Russian perfume developer known for his eccentric style, has apologized on Instagram for the name of one of the scents in his range: “Sexual Harassment”,

Nikolay Eremin, the CEO of Nimere Parfum, admits that he has made a mistake to give a fragrance such a controversial name. On Instagram, Eremin writes that people were not supposed to take “harassment”, intimidation, literally, but that it was nevertheless wrong and thoughtless. “At that time I didn’t think about the victims, about the people who really had to deal with this tragedy,” Eremin says. He only thought of his “ego” and his “creative freedom.”

Russian perfume maker develops fragrance with the name "Sexual Harassment" nimere parfum

He also explained on Facebook how he was flooded with reports from victims of sexual harassment and domestic violence. He testifies how he was unaware of how far this social problem reaches until after the controversy.

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