“Sacro Catino” – an ancient artifact from Genoa

“Sacro Catino” is a very ancient artifact that is kept in the Cathedral of San Lorenzo in Genoa, Italy. This artifact has a very rich history, and many legends are associated with it. Suffice it to say that before the XIII century it was believed that this was the Grail cup, so it is sometimes called the “Grail of Genoa.

Reliably it is known that in 1101 the Sacro Catino was brought to Genoa after the first Crusade to the Holy Land. But exactly where the holy fathers took this relic and what exactly it was used for in antiquity is no longer known.

However, what strikes us most is the regular hexagonal shape of this artifact. Maybe in very ancient times, it was created with the help of some technology and used for purposes other than religious ones.

By the way, for many years, it was thought to be made of emerald, but then it turned out to be green glass. The artifact was damaged by Napoleon’s troops, who sacked Genoa and removed the church treasures

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