Sad end for Abdoulaye Baldé, one of the soldiers who defended Alpha Condé

Lieutenant Abdoulaye Baldé, one of the presidential security men of Alpha Conde, was killed during the attack at the presidential palace.

It took about 48 hours for the family of Lieutenant Abdoulaye Baldé (Presidential Guard), who was killed in the military coup violence perpetrated by the men of Lieutenant Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, to find out what happened to him.

Residing in the neighbourhood located in the northeast of the urban commune of Labé, Madame Hawaou Baldé, the biological mother of the soldier killed on the battlefield, finally agreed to break her silence on this painful event that took her son away from her.

“On Sunday, he called me at 7 a.m. to check up on me and promised to call me back. So, it stayed like that, but I had insomnia the day before yesterday because I was thinking a lot about my child,” his mother said. “So yesterday [Tuesday], I charged my phone and called. But no answer.”

“His friends also expressed their concerns to me because they would have called him as well with no answer. I called his brother, who is in Conakry. He promised to go to the city to see and return to me because his wife was in the same situation of concern,” said Ms. Hawaou Baldé, Abdoulaye Baldé’s mother.

Except that, unfortunately, the news was dramatic. “It was in the evening around 5 p.m. that his brothers and uncles came to see me at home. Seeing them in a group, I immediately said that my child was dead, and I started to cry. That’s how they confirmed it to me. So I ask everyone to forgive him, and may God have mercy on his soul,” she concluded in tears.

It should be noted that Lieutenant Abdoulaye Baldé was married and the father of two children, a girl, and a boy. At last count, the family is still waiting for the body to be returned for burial.

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  1. A man who like hunting , an elephant can kills you . It is african proverb and what has killed that guard . Anyway R.I.P

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