Will Salma receive Prince Harry and Meghan? No trace for 2 years

Where is Princess Lalla Salma? The rumor mill around the wife of the Moroccan King Mohammed VI (55) turns back to full speed. Last week she was already the big absentee on the official visits of the Moroccan court. And next week it is expected that Lalla Salma will not be found anywhere when Prince Harry and Meghan will go to the capital Rabat. In the meantime, the queen has been without a trace for two years. What happened to her?

The mystery surrounding Lalla Salma (40) is increasing. For a long time, she was one of the most talked-about at the official visits of the Moroccan court. Now the woman is missing every trace. Thus the other half of the king was not present during the recent state visit of the Spanish king Felipe and his wife Letizia to Morocco. In an attempt to avoid further questions, the king had then summoned his children and some other family members. A maneuver that was repeated during dinner: on the chair where Lalla Salma had to sit, the 15-year-old crown prince Moulay-Hassan suddenly took place.

With what ‘tricks’ the king will come up next week, will be revealed. On 23 February, the British Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle take the plane to Morocco. They will stay there until February 25th. But the chance that the Royals will catch a glimpse of Lalla Salma, is already excluded according to local media.

Will Salma receive Prince Harry and Meghan? No trace for 2 years
©ANP – Princess Lalla Salma

Secretly separated?

There would indeed be an explanation for the absence of Lalla Salma: according to various sources close to the palace, the two are now separated and the royal family wants to keep it hidden from the outside world at all costs. For example, Lalla Salma would have packed her suitcases in March last year and left the royal palace. Moreover, she would have completely withdrawn from public life.

Lalla Salma would now have begun a new life in Greece, according to local media in a villa on the island of Kea. Yet she would also stay in Morocco regularly, where she would meet at a secret location with her children, crown prince Moulay Hassan and Princess Lalla Khadija.

Should they disappear?

The question is of course: did the princess want all of this herself or did she have to disappear from the court? We will probably never get an answer. After all, the separation of a Moroccan monarch would lead to great loss of vision, considering Lalla Salma standing on the king’s side for sixteen years. The two met each other in 1999 and married in 2002. The first bursts occurred in February 2017, when Mohammed VI was operated on in his heart in Paris and his wife did not visit him. Of course, they will also still connect “in real life” in the year 2019, so it seems very doubtful.

Will Salma receive Prince Harry and Meghan? No trace for 2 years
Will Salma receive Prince Harry and Meghan? No trace for 2 years

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