Saturn – the most mystical planet

Saturn has long been interested not only in scientists of various stripes but also simply space lovers. This planet is the most distant cosmic body that can be seen from Earth with almost the naked eye. In addition, after Mars, Saturn is the most mystical planet and not only because of its asteroid rings.

In the era of the rapid development of space technology, the hysteria around Saturn only intensified. The article provides 10 scientific and not very facts about the mystical phenomena of Saturn.

As a result of the first flight of the automatic probe Voyager, owned by NASA, in 1977, a truly gigantic hexagon was discovered on the surface of Saturn, occupying a vast territory of the planet. To get the latest stories, install our app here.

Experts from NASA were simply smitten with an unexpected find, since the hexagon had equal sides. 20 years later, the Cassini probe approached the surface of Saturn. The pictures he sent to Earth amazed scientists even more, since, in their opinion, the hexagon is an artificial structure, which may indicate the existence of intelligent life on Saturn.

AMS Cassini, in the course of decades of observation of the behavior of Saturn and its satellites, sent to Earth incomprehensible radio signals emanating from the atmosphere of the ringed planet. Scientists have transformed the sound inaudible to human ears and suggested that infrared sound may be of natural origin. However, Jost Van Dyke, a digital expert from England, categorically disagreed with such a statement, saying that the regularity in the sound of Saturnian noise indicates that such signals were created artificially.

The ancient civilizations that inhabited our planet thousands of years before our appearance took Saturn as a luminary and worshiped it. In the ancient manuscripts of Babylon, researchers found references to Saturn as a “ghost of the Sun”, and the Mayan people considered it the first luminary in the solar system that went out.

In his work The Ancient God of Light, Novelist David Talbott theorizes that Saturn is clearly related to the Sun, and the ancient peoples clearly saw this connection. So there is a good chance that Saturn is an extinct star that eventually turned into a gas giant. To get the latest stories, install our app here.

In 1950, the work of an independent researcher from Belarus, Immanuel Velikovsky’s “Worlds in Collision”, saw the light, where the author was severely criticized by many scientists for his theories. Velikovsky argued that Saturn was the only planet in the solar system capable of generating its own heat, not depending on solar heat, and subsequently, his seemingly incredible theory turned out to be true. In the course of recent studies of the atmosphere of the ring planet, it was revealed that Saturn does indeed produce its own heat, which may indirectly confirm the theory of some planetary scientists about its stellar origin.

In addition, according to another theory by Immanuel Velikovsky, it is Saturn that is the cause of the Great Flood on Earth. The researcher explained his theory by the fact that, according to his assumptions, the ancient Saturn and Jupiter were part of a binary star system.

At some point, these two planets approached dangerously close, which led to a stellar explosion of such power that it led to significant changes in the position of the planets in the solar system, which became in the areas where they are now.

In addition, Velikovsky believes that such a loosening of cosmic bodies of such a huge diameter led to unprecedented planetary cataclysms on them. So, in particular, the Earth was swept by the waters of the Great Flood, described not only in the Bible but also in many other ancient writings.

As part of the mission of the automatic probe Voyager-2, researchers managed to record an incomprehensible crack near Saturn, characteristic of the most powerful bursts of static electricity. During the Cassini mission, this phenomenon was investigated more thoroughly, which led to the confusion of many planetary scientists. To get the latest stories, install our app here.

NASA experts reported that the asteroid rings of Saturn are generators of a huge amount of electricity, several tens of thousands of times greater than the discharge of the strongest lightning on Earth. So far, planetary scientists cannot find a scientific explanation for this natural phenomenon. However, many ufologists have put forward their theories regarding Saturn, suggesting that the ringed planet is actually a giant alien power plant.

There is an opinion among conspiracy theorists that Saturn is a kind of broadcasting system for aliens from other worlds. According to the theory of independent researcher and novelist David Isaac, not only do aliens send infrared signals to Earth from Saturn, the ringed planet is also a kind of “matrix” that creates an illusory reality on Earth. According to the writer, the Moon is an artificially created object that amplifies and transmits the “matrix” from Saturn to Earth as a searchlight.

In addition, David Isaac considers the fact that too many earthly symbols are associated with Saturn, and its asteroid rings to confirm his incredible theory. According to the writer, the rings of Saturn symbolize such automotive brands and lighting organizations as Toyota, Nike, Boeing, Internet Explorer, Axis Media Group. Moreover, the exchange of newlyweds with wedding rings is also a tribute to the rings of Saturn. And in the magics of the polar suits of such symbols, there are such a huge amount that you involuntarily think – what really connects the Earth with Saturn?

Many scientists believe that the word “Satan” actually comes from the word “Saturn”. Our ancient ancestors worshiped a certain deity El, associating it with the ring planet. The deity was depicted as a black cube. It is noteworthy that the black cube logos are still found on many financial and government institutions to this day. Who knows, perhaps Saturn worshipers worship this truly mystical planet to this day. To get the latest stories, install our app here.

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