Saudi Arabia rejects UN report, denies that it commits war crimes in Yemen

The coalition that intervenes in Yemen under the leadership of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates has rejected a report from UN experts suggesting that war crimes have been committed in the conflict.

In a press release reported by the Saudi press agency SPA, the coalition emphasizes the commitment to avoid civilian casualties during operations in Yemen.

The coalition also denies that it prevents the delivery of humanitarian aid to civilians in the war country.

“In this respect, the coalition confirms continued cooperation with the United Nations and other aid agencies to ensure delivery of humanitarian aid to the civilian population in Yemen and to enable the flow of goods.”

Experts from the United Nations yesterday stated in a report that there are strong indications of crimes against international law. This includes genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.

Yemen is one of the poorest countries in the Arab world. The conflict between the government and the Shiite Houthi rebels tears the country.

The rebels conquered the capital Sana’a and other parts of the country at the end of 2014. The conflict worsened when Saudi Arabia and other Sunni allies began an air operation in 2015 to stop the Shi’ite group’s march towards Aden, the temporary seat of the government.

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