Saudi ties Filipino housemaid to tree as punishment

A Filipino housekeeper is tied to a tree in the Saudi capital Riyadh as a punishment. The reason? Lovely Ascosta Baruelo (26) left an expensive piece of furniture “too long” in the bright sun.

A fellow housekeeper probably took some pictures of the bizarre scene on 9 May. The woman was barefoot tied to the wrists and legs in the garden of the rich family where she was employed. It is unclear how long she was tied up.

The temperature of the day in Riyadh rises to more than 35°C during this time of the year. The colleague successfully contacted the Philippine embassy in Saudi. On the same day, Lovely was flown to the capital of Manila with the help of the Philippine Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The colleague also stated that the man of the house struck them with the least mistake.

No less than 2.3 million Filipinos women work in the Gulf region and Africa. The men are mainly used as construction workers and live in miserable conditions. The fate of the housekeepers is often no better.

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