Seven commit suicide after endless bullying, Mum sent a message

A 10-year-old boy from Louisville, Kentucky decided to commit suicide after endless bullying from his classmates as a result of the colostomy that had been performed. The victim was identified as Seven Bridges, who decided to hang himself to end his life and the torment he suffered at school.

The tragic end occurred last Saturday at his home, while his mother had gone shopping for food. Upon returning, the woman – Tami Charles – found little Seven hanging inside a closet. “I saw the death of my son, it’s something in my head,” Tami told local news channel WHAS-TV.

The little boy had his complicated small intestine when his was born. He went through 26 surgeries that did not work. As a result, they had to perform a colostomy and put a bag attached to his abdomen, which collected the waste from his colon outside his body.

His health problem was partially solved. However, when he returned to school, his classmates made his life impossible. They were much of harassment in which Seven did nothing but feel even worse. First his fragile health, second, his constant torment at the school he attended.

His mother narrated the drama to the same medium. “JCPS: you all failed my baby,” was the mother’s stark reproach. Tami is evaluating the steps to follow. She plans to take legal action against the school district of Jefferson County Public School and the institution for neglecting the abuse of his young son.

“We discovered that the school system had many holes and many inconsistencies with its policies on bullying, they stopped at the verbal message, the service of lips of zero tolerance, but they did not comply,” the woman said.

Renee Murphu, director of communications at Jefferson County Public School, said she was devastated by the news. “Our hearts are broken, the school community is hurt at the moment,” said the director.

Among the things that worsen the situation that led to committing suicide. They insulted him with the “word that begins with N”, one of the toughest racial aggressions in the United States. In addition, in September, one of his colleagues hanged him on the school bus. But above all, they continually told him that he had a bad smell from the colostomy bag that had to accompany him all the time.

His parents had already decided on an absolute change in the child’s life. But it was late. They had written it down at another institution – DuBois Academy – for the next cycle. “We would talk to him about having new friends and a new beginning, it would have come at the end of the year,” Tami revealed.

At birth, Seven was called the “miracle baby”. His mother had been told that she could never have children. That it was impossible, however, 10 years ago, the child was born. But he survived the birth and 26 surgeries. It was there, at an early age, that they had to place the prosthesis.

Finally, Tami sent a message to the children who constantly harassed their little one: “Seven did it, he really forgave them, he found his peace, now it’s time for you to find your own and forgive yourself”.

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